Rangers’ Taveras

I watched him several times over 2-3 years doing games with Capps. He looked like a HOF player in RR but was a bust each year in Arlington when called up. “A AAAA player” I decided just like Nelson Cruz appeared to be at one time. Like Cruz, Taveras seems to have figured things out and finally is becoming the good player his considerable tools in AAA suggested he should be. A switch hitter with speed and occasional power and excellent in CF. His is a feel-good story even if he is on the wrong team.


He’s the cousin of former Astro center fielder Willy Taveras. Willy and I have had several conversations the last few years about Leody, and we texted Friday night during the game and had pretty much this conversation. Leody seems to have turned a corner this season. Even if it’s with the Rangers, I hope he continues to progress. Willy said “but go Astros when the playoffs come.”


Thanks for this, Geoff. I did not know they are related. Miss seeing you and your lovely bride.