Rangers at Astros, April 12, 2024

2b Altuve
DH Alvarez
RF Tucker
C Diaz
1b Singleton
SS Pena
LF Dubon
CF Meyers
3b Kessinger

P France

Singleton batting fifth. I’m already fucking done with Espada.


His mother must have dropped him on his head as a baby.

France should refuse to take the ball. Not exactly getting set up for success.

Huffing paint is really bad for you.

How the hell can Espada justify batting Singleton 5th? Are we trying to lose games here?

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Where is Bregman?

Resting, apparently

Bregman is apparently sick and Chas is out with a sore hamstring.

I don’t like Singleton at 5 but this is the roster he has to work with.



I was thinking maybe they were gonna use him as the long man out of the pen.


Don’t be silly: that’s Kessinger.

Just hoping the game won’t be over by the time Altuve and Yordan get a second AB today

Even given these starting players he should be batting 8.

Doesn’t excuse Singleton being ahead of Peña, Dubon and Meyers in the order.

Good grief. The Astros aren’t even trying.

For sure. I’m not about to start defending the order.

The most insulting thing is players talking about how they’re fine and it’s going to be okay, they just need to get going, then they roll out this handcart full of donkeyshit with a candle in it and yell Happy Birthday.

Fuck everything about this team. Pathetic.

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Seager with a double off the RF wall.

Drinking an El Presidente. The rum kills the pain.

1-0 Rangers

Garcia swipes 2B