Rangers @ Astros, September 5, 2022

I’ve got my BBQ chicken, homemade tater salad, and margaritas…the good kind. This should have been a day game.


OF grass not looking so hot. Apparently they’ve had some concerts there recently.


Brown with his first Big League PONCHE!

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Semien strikes out looking
Seager strikes out swinging
Lowe flies out F8

No score


Altuve lines out to RF
Peña grounds out 6-3
Alvarez doubles to RF on the first pitch
Bregman flies out F8 on the first pitch

No score

Bullet dodge, whew


Garcia lines one up the middle that nearly takes Brown’s head off, but Altuve there…4-3
Heim…0-2…foul…foul…foul…grounds out 3U
Taveras strikes out swinging

No score


Tucker grounds out 4-3
Gurriel flies out F9
Mancini…works the count full…walks
McCormick dribbles one up the 3B line, beats it out for an infield single, Mancini to 2B
Maldonado singles to LF, Mancini scores on the noodle throw to the plate, it gets away from Heim and McCormick to 3B and Maldy to 2B on the TE7
Altuve…full count…takes a fastball right down the center square. Brutal

1-0 Astros.

What was Altuve waiting for?

Good grief, Altuve. WTF?

Watched it all the way into the mitt. Mindboggling

“Well, figure it out.” Great advice from Mom. Pretty cool he should get a start in Detroit next road trip.


Calhoun strikes out swinging
Duran grounds out 4-3
Thompson singles to RF
Thomson caught stealing 2-4

No score

Great throw and tag


Took a perfect throw and Machete delivered one.

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Peña grounds out 4-3
Alvarez…full count…strikes out swinging
Bregman singles to CF
Tucker singles through the shift to RF, Bregman to 2B
Gurriel…0-2…1-2…2-2…flies out F9

Astros have left five runners on, but lead 1-0

Ok, someone do some PBP

Really? None of you have anything?

Brown with a 2-out walk and shiftfuck rolling single…two Rangers on in the 5th…

And Brown through five…leads 1-0