Rangers@ Astros, September 3, 2020

F8, 6-3, K in the top of the first for Grienke.

Springer smacks a single into center

Vintage Altuve. Where’s this guy been?

Altuve singles to right, Springer aggressive and goes to 3rd

no kidding.

Brantley singles to left, Springer scores, Altuve to second.

4 pitches, 3 hits

for those that missed, he fought a ball off in on his hands and inside outed it to right

Is Carlos resting or injured?

Off day

Yuli lines out to deep right, Altuve tags and advances.

Gallo tried to misplay that.

Altuve racked himself sliding into 3rd

What the fuck, Altuve?! Dude can’t do anything right/normal this season.

This is Correa’s second off day in a matter of like a week and a half, I think? With gameless days left and right? Wtf?

Sliding in to third for NO FUCKING REASON. the throw never even got close to 3rd.

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Tucker F7, too shallow for Altuve to score.

Díaz homers to left!

3 runs score

4-0 Astros

HUGE swing for Diaz! Attababy!

Reddick Ks swinging

4-0 after 1

I think we’re in that 27 games in 27 days stretch.

According to the radio, apparently Dusty said he’s been looking a little “slow”, and he has horrible numbers against Lynn (o-fer 9 or so with 8 Ks)