Rangers @ Astros, September 16, 2020

Let’s keep the ball rolling. Some early runs would be welcome.

Both teams w identical lineups except for stRangers catcher.

1-2-3 1st for LMJ

What the fuck was that, George?

Is he that slow, or a terrible jump, or what?

Terrible jump. Looks like it may have been a hit and run

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Springer singles, is immediately caught stealing.

Altuve walks

He may be more looking to walk more than looking to hit but Altuve lays off the outside pitches.


Tucker takes strike three at the ankles to end the inning. Astros get a hit and two walks, but can’t plate a run. No score.

Predictions on how many more years human beings call balls and strikes?


Stinky Odor with a 2-out double, but Lance strikes out the side.

No score.

Has anyone seen reports from the league or leagues which experimented with electronic balls and strikes? I have not.

I know some minor league(s) did, but I don’t know which ones, nor the outcome.

Yeah, I know at least one did. I wonder how it went.

I don’t know either.

Nothing for the Astros in the 2nd. No score.

Looking forward to hearing Bagwell.

1-2-3 third for Lance

At this point I’d take some fat schlub in New York just watching the game on TV calling balls and strikes. This dude tonight is fucking horrendous.

Well, I’m not in New York, but otherwise available.

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