Rangers @ Astros, May 22, 2022

Urquidy with a nice 1st inning. 3 swinging Ks in 4 hitters. Semien with a single stranded.


Leadoff dinger

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Brantley with a knock

Bregman lines out to the wall in RF…gave it a ride, but a nice catch over his head by Calhoun.

Alvarez strikes out swinging

Yordan is slumping. Another absolute meatball and he swings right through it.

Gurriel…3-0…3-1…3-2…grounds out 6-3

After one…1-0 Astros

Productive 1st inning

Took a lead and put over 25 pitches on their starter.

How the hell did he miss it? He was right on it.

I don’t think either of us have any better idea than he does.

Man, I hate those camo caps.

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Not a fan either

Urquidy is dealing.

Another single. An oppo bloop this time but 2 more Ks and a shallow fly to CF

Come on, Peña. Stop chasing.

Well that was quick and underwhelming

There has to be a better way to honor Memorial Day.


Damn, did McCormick stop for a slurpee on his way to 1B? I thought they had no shot at him, but it wasn’t even close.

Not Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day. Which was yesterday.

Thanks, I had assumed this was because they were on the road next weekend.

How dare they attempt to honor our nation’s military branches with such a gauche display. Have they no sense of fashion?!?!