Rangers @ Astros, May 20, 2022

Keep the line moving.

I hate this Got-Damn Apple TV shit.

Dubón in CF? This should be interesting.

What’s with the camo hat?

Seager with a 2-out bloop double

Never seen him play there but the stats say he’s more than adequate.

Ranger dugout giving Maldonado shit

Javier strikes out the side in the first


Because they’re putzes.

You always were generous.

Putzes or putzii?

Bregman is a liability in the 3 spot.

The announcers seem more focused on the game.

Camouflage and deer hunter orange is an intriguing combination.

Through three…Astros haven’t managed a base runner. 0-0.

Calhoun with a 2-out blast. 1-0 Rangers

Fuck Kole Calhoun

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Brantley was on first with a walk and put out on a double play.

That sucked, particularly since the Astros seem disinclined to make Perez work very hard.