Rangers @ Astros, May 15, 2021

Saturday night at the ball yard. Who could ask for more.

Let’s get Luis Garcia his first win

Happy Birthday, Uncle Mike! Enjoy watching the game.

Maybe he’ll get to pinch hit and get a birthday dinger

And Happy Hall of Fame Induction Day to Rudy T.



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That’s a hit, but Diaz just whiffed at that ball.


He got in position and didn’t catch it.

It was right against the wall, and a tough catch, but I gotta think a seasoned outfielder makes it.

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1-0 Rangers

He didn’t put his hand on the wall until he started up.

I don’t think he knew where the wall was.

That looks like the most difficult section of the wall to manage.

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Rangers getting some good swings on Garcia.

I’ve never seen a ball hit there, I don’t think.

Also, Garcia got goatfucked on the 1-2 pitch right before the sac fly.

Just the one run, but Garcia had to fight

1-0 Rangers

“Should be a WP.” Thanks, Kalas.

2 strike execution was poor.

Attaboy Alex!

Move the line.


Correa did what you’re supposed to do with that pitch. Love it.

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Carlos has been hitting the ball with authority to the right side for a week.

Now Tucker with an oppo single.

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