Rangers @ Astros, May 13, 2021

First pitch of the game…1-0 Rangers

Astros get a hit and a walk, but Brantley, Yordan, and Correa punch out

Nobel concept: protect with 2 strikes.

Big zone, but a couple of pitcher’s pitches on the corners mean two caught looking.

And as much as TK and Blummer talked about no appeal on the check swing, you’d hope they’d show the 1B angle.

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The zone, Javier.

Find it.


Single, walk…two on, nobody out for Kiner-Falefa, who draws a walk to load the bases

Javier is a train wreck

More like 2 train wrecks.

Big K.

Still a lot of work to do.

Javier gets a punch out for the first out of the inning

Sac fly makes it 2-0

Visiting my Mom in San Antonio and of course she doesn’t get ATT Sportsnet, so I’m having to watch the arlington mouth-breathers feed and their homer announcers who delight in sign stealing jokes.

Come on Astros. Beat these f#$ks.

Let’s make some noise with the bats.

Line drive ends the inning. Disaster avoided.

Javier DAMN lucky to get out of that with 1

Mute it.

Say it’s so you can converse.

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My ears will feel better…

You’re allowed to turn the sound down. Or you’re also welcome to put on your replica 2017 World Series Champion Houston Astros ring and tell them to suck on it.

This guy is another AAA spot starter.

Maybe start working on him.

Nice stroke, Kyle.