Rangers @ Astros, June 15, 2021

The Return of Lance McCuller, Jr.

Chas in RF.

Tucker not feeling well per twitter.

Nifty play by Carlos

LMJ deflected that ball headed strait for Altuve.

Tough to fight that instinct.

Wish he had.

Jose on the spot in that shift

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Ryan’s deflecting a DP ball to Reynolds cost us 1980.

and of course the substance stuff is now about the Astros.

Rodon: you suspend us but not the Astros?

Oh good.

Another shitty HPU.

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Way to lollygag, Alex.

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He’s been hitting enough. He didn’t need one more.

And this response:



Especially Manfred.

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I can foresee a day when I do not watch MLB at all. If you knew me as long as Mark and Alkie have, you’d say”no way.” That is where I am.

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I can’t say it any other way: I couldn’t have fathomed that the next commissioner would make me miss Selig


TE5 from Bregman. That was awful.

Same boat here. It kills me.

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I think you’ve just forgotten how much you hated Selig.

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Fuck all those players. You called down the thunder, now live with the fucking storm.