Rangers @ Astros, July 24, 2021

13 straight pitches out of the zone

When you’re up against a weasel, you just play possum. Problem solved.

Gibson hasn’t thrown a strike yet. Yuli, you dumbass.

There’s no way Yuli doesn’t walk if he doesn’t swing

Fuck! You too, Tucker?


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Where is my fucking cattle prod?

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…and Tucker just swung at the exact same first pitch Yuli did

25 pitches, 23 balls, 2 strikes and gets three outs. These guys need a punch in the dick.

Well, that was very unsatisfying.

That’ll come back to bite them in the ass.

I’m hoping this isn’t one of those games.

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1/2 hour per inning? No problem.

Already is.

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Old Framber is back.

Framber is fucking awful so far.

Why the hell is he bunting?

Because the Rangers are hitting .160 as a team after the ASB.

Leave the ball alone, Framber. You have infielders.

Hey look! You threw TWO fucking strikes and got out of it.

Fucking christ.

Living a charmed life.