Rangers @ Astros, August 9, 2022

And that didn’t take long. Semien with a leadoff home run

1-0 Rangers

Semien homered on a 3-0 fastball right down the middle, and Seager follows with a single on an 0-2 pitch.

Lowe grounds to 2B, perfect double play ball, and Altuve throws it in the dirt. Got the out at 2B

I was hopeful that Eschenfelder was the problem, but apparently not.

And now Garcia HBP.

Urquidy has to work at it, but manages to give up just the one

1-0 Rangers

Astros go quietly on 8 pitches

1-0 Rangers

8? Only 8 goddamn pitches??

They tried for 7, but Alvarez managed to get a piece of one and foul it off.

Urquidy bounces back with a strong 1-2-3 second inning

1-0 Rangers.

8? This group can beat that.

Astros cut down to 6 pitches in the second

1-0 Rangers

Grrrrr. Perez is having a good year but they’re making him look like Cy Young.

Leadoff walk to Semien this time

They could make Chris Holt look like Cy Young right now

3-0 Rangers as Seager crushes a home run to RCF

Well, that might do it. Four runs might as well be 400

2-out walk

I know he’s had an impressive run of ‘quality starts’.

And I love his pace between pitches.

But Urquidy really frustrates me.

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Middle of three…3-0 Rangers