Rangers @ Astros, August 10, 2022

JV goes for win #16

No way I’m gonna be able to stay up for it all tonight

Ground out, infield single, walk, strike out, groundout.

JV works a little, but gets through the first

No score

On a side note, I made one helluva smoked cinnamon old fashioned tonight.

Tell me more

I wouldn’t mind a recipe either.

Light a cinnamon stick on fire, and cover with your glass. Mix your cocktail…

2 oz Woodford Reserve
0.5 maple syrup
2 dashes each angostura bitters and orange bitters
Stir with ice
Serve over ice (separate ice, please) with the cinnamon stick and a dried orange slice

I even have all that stuff.

Otto can’t hit the fucking backstop, but Astros be hackin

Alvarez…3-0 on pitches he couldn’t touch with a canoe paddle…hacks at ball four…takes the first strike of the inning, just n the edge…strikes out on a pitch four feet up and three feet wide of the plate.

16 pitches…one within a foot of the zone…inning over

No score

Slight off topic question….

On the Astros home page on the MLB app, there is a brief video of Joe Espada discussing the starting rotation. Anyone know the scoop on the Astros hat he’s wearing? It’s not in the Astros store on the MLB shop app.

HPU - just killed that inning. Yuli’s second strike according to gamecast had it 2 inches off the plate called strike. And He jobbed Yordan on an inside pitch.

Every year there is one of these games where a vet ump has to be a pain in this ass. Its on us ultimately not to swing at bullshit (but a few bad calls mean we feel like we have to hack at it).

Batting practice hat. You can buy them online.

Astros hitters killed that inning.

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Can you link me to a place HH?? I don’t see it in the Astros shop on the MLB app….though my wife frequently tells me I’m blind.

Take your word - not watching the game except on gamecast, two of the strike calls were embarrassing, but I guess strike 3 is on Yuli and Yordan

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Thank you!!

Definitely a case of too many cooks in the kitchen here but I like listening to Michael Bourn.

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I assume he’s in tonight for Julia.

Bregman’s lucky that the third baseman didn’t hold the ball to him.

Walk, single…Astros on the corners, nobody out for Peña…