Rangers @ Astros, April 16, 2023

ESPN Sunday Night Special.

Framber on the mound.

Nice work Framber.

1-2-3 first for Framber with a couple of strikeouts.

Yordan just missed a double.

Will have to settle for a single

Abreu’s 4-11 with 4 HRs against Heaney…

I’ll be shocked if he ever hits a home run as an Astro.

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2-out double off the wall for Heim.

Why the fuck is the roof closed? Chamber of Commerce weather.

So the Yankees don’t get cheated by the wind.

Seriously, weather cannot get better than it is right now. Today. In Houston.

Swing the fucking bat, Hensley

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Patience is not always a virtue.

Really hard to hit if home plate is calling strikes 6 inches above the zone


Need to rattle the bats some

Get that man a bus ticket to Sugar Land.

Peña trying to create his own offense. But a high swinging K ends it.

Dubon came off the bag. Rats.

Should have just gone straight in.

Bregman is killing this team.

I’ll do it. He’s my Bregman… I mean Yeller.

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