Rangers @ Astros, April 15, 2023

Let’s try not to suck tonight, fellas.

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Brown gives up a 1-out single, but then rolls a 4-6-3 ball to end the first. No score.

Dubon in the leadoff spot tonight.

Astros go quietly 1-2-3.

No score after one

Pena has got to lay off the slider to the outside of the plate so much,

So he can take a meatball right down the middle for strike three?

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Well that was fucking ugly all the way around.

More defensive fuckery. Jeebus.

That’s the worst throw I’ve seen in a while

Take a look at that play at 1B

That was the worst tag by a first baseman I’ve ever seen in my life.

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I think he was safe at first.

That’s two plays this inning where Abreu has been lazy covering 1B

Well, shit.

Base hit plates a run. 1-0 Rangers


Yes, but I thought Dubon rushed the throw, and even if he did rush it, he should have hit Abreu center mass with that throw. It was a car length and half wide.

Hit batter loads the bases. What a clusterfuck of an inning.

Not saying it wasn’t a terrible throw. But Abreu was nowhere near the bag.

I might be overreacting, but this team to me just looks like they lack leadership on the field…and they look totally uninspired with their play.