Rangers @ Astros, April 14 2024

Altuve 2B
Alvarez LF
Tucker RF
Diaz DH
McCormick CF
Peña SS
Caratini C
Abreu 1B
Dubon 3B

Javier P

With Bregman out, that’s the right nine imo.

Eovaldi on the bump for Arlington.

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So what’s up with Bregman? Flu? Syphilis? Ebola?

Ate some of his salsa.


I’m cautiously optimistic that we witnessed the bunt that woke this team up last night.

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I’m a little surprised to see Chas go from out with hamstring tightness to in the lineup in CF. If must have really been minor knock on wood.

Espada must have read OWA last night or this morning.

Ok, Javier…let’s see some fucking strikes today.


You know what I’d like to see: The Astros win back-to-back games.

Seager hunts first pitches. Don’t give him a cookie to start an at bat.

Fucking hell, ump

That was fucking strike three, blue.

Seager walks on a 2-3 count


Another fucking blind ump

Give me the automatic strike zone, now.

Fuck MLB and employing these umpires.

Now the outside corner is a strike.

This inning should be over.

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Cristian: Bear down and get Garcia.

These HPU umps all weekend have been terrible.