Rafael Montero Agrees to a Deal With the Astros


Wow, didn’t see this one coming. Dollars and years, yes…but didn’t think Stros would go there. Glad they did! Bullpen solidified, check!

Assuming JV is the next player we will try and figure out if we can bring back or not. Assuming adding him and is dollars, or not, will be a driver on how the club rolls forward on other areas of the team. Great start so far. Thinking this move is good for JV to see as well. Not many bullpens will help him hold leads as well as Stros should be able to.

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I feel very good about the pen. REAL good. But there is a reason that many look at years and numbers. History. May the baseball Gods shine on the Astros.

I am surprised by this move but thrilled as well.

The 2022 team payroll was $18M below 2021(and over $30M below CBT) in payroll and the least since 2018.

Crane has stated there is room to expand that and this team has very few holes.

And FTR looks to have even fewer for 2024.