Quick Trip to Houston - where to go to buy Astro gear?

Hey Y’all. This weekend flying into Houston to visit a nephew who is attending Rice U.

Anywho, I am thinking about attending a game or not - not sure yet. But I was wondering, where is the best place to get Astros gear where I do not have to donate plasma nor give up my first born child in exchange for a payday loan or as a down payment.

Thanks everybody!

J Mac

The team store at MMPUS or any Academy.

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There’s an Academy at 59 and Kirby, very close to Rice.


Thanks gents - very kind of you!

Any old school memorabilia shops with old time collector stuff from the 60’s & 70’s?

Ahem - not that I would leave a trail of evidence for my wife to find out I bought something there at all (ahem)…

There’s a place in Memorial City Mall in West Houston called Stadium Signatures that is all about sports memorabilia (not sure how extensive their collection is). Even further on the west side, there is a sports trading card store called Houston Sports Connection.

You’ll also find some pieces of signed memorabilia you can buy at Minute Maid Park (autographed baseballs, etc)