Put the pitcher with the Minute Maid ERA

Pitcher A - 48 starts 2.55 ERA
Pitcher B - 45 starts 2.65 ERA
Pitcher C - 46 starts 2.67 ERA

How many hints do we get?

One of them has to be Lance

45 starts is probably only about 3 seasons worth. That cuts a lot of the long-timers like Keuchel, Wandy, and Oswalt, and on the current roster, only Lance and Verlander would fit the service time/good pitching profile. Clemens and/or Pettitte could fit the bill too.

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Verlander is a good bet too I’d think. Is it Astros starts only or all starts at MMP?

I doubt Cole has enough starts in 2 years

I found all three, but had to look through baseball reference.

Interesting stat!

That was before yesterday’s games. Lance is now 21-8 at MMP.


Lowered the ERA to 2.63 also

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