Punishments are official

Per both The Athletic and ESPN:

  • AJ and Luhnow both suspended for one year
  • Astros lose their first and second round picks in 2020 and 2021
  • Team fined $5M
  • Taubman placed on permanently ineligible list

It’s over. Manfred dropped the big one.


Next time they should just hack into a system.

This is ridiculous. It’s the only way they can beat the Astros.

That’s what happens when you have a stooge like Manfred as the decider.

Fuck tha police.

The report specifically states that Alex Cora was the only non-player involved in designing the system, and that Hinch disagreed with it and went so far as to knock out the monitor twice.

But AJ gets a year and Cora gets nothing.

Passan says Cora has punishment coming.

Furthermore, Cora took that system with him to Boston, implemented it, was caught, and still gets nothing.

and Beltran manages the NEW YORK Mets, smiling all the while.

Is there any evidence of any technology-enabled sign stealing post-2017?

Crawfish Boxes speculates that this is the end of both AJ’s and Lihnow’s tenures with the Astros and that Luhnow will be out of baseball for good.

Manfred is an idiot if he thinks that punishing non-players will ever deter players. This is a special brand of chickenshit.

Also, I assume Pete Putila takes the GM reigns from Luhnow?

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I would think so. Also seriously wondering what this means for Luhnow and Hinch going forward, whether they’ll be employed by the Astros again or not.

This is ugly.

I wonder. They have a hole to address this year and either you let someone currently on staff fill in until Luhnow returns, or you try to find a permanent replacement. I’d think finding a permanent replacement, of quality at least, would be hard given the current situation.

Anyways, the whole thing sucks and has seriously dampened my enthusiasm for the coming year.

Much the same thing being said on radio now. Not a lifetime ban, but effectively that is what is happening. Both will be toxic.

I’ll be very upset if Crane lets Luhnow and Hinch go after the year. Toxic, my ass. This team is as successful and a gnat to the Yankees because of them.

I think Luhnow has been working hard at setting things up for the future.

My enthusiasm for the team isn’t lessened at all.

It might be slightly different, but was/is Sean Payton toxic?

I think Luhnow and Hinch are amongst the very best at what they do, I doubt they will be unemployed for very long once they are eligible again.

The statement on Hinch said it continued in the postseason.

I am very disappointed in Hinch if he opposed the system and did not order the players to stop and immediately inform Luhnow and Crane. I expected better leadership from him than staying quiet.

Still, this shows how powerful the players’ union is. This was, the Commissioner says, a players-driven system, yet no player even got his wrist slapped.

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