Proud Dad

Just want to brag a bit.

Since I work from home and live in a new state, you guys are the closest thing to friends that I have and you are always very kind in your comments.

My oldest son, Devon, is graduating ( with honors) from Gonzaga Law School Saturday.

We always hope our children can become better than us and he has cerainly made me proud.

Thank you for letting me share.


Amazing - congrats, Jim!!


That’s great. Congrats Jim and Devon!

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First, congratulations!

Second - man, I feel this, without the new state. Working from home for 13 years now, finding and maintaining friendships is so hard, especially after COVID and new schools disrupted all my network of parents from our old school.

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Congratulations Jim and Devon.

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Have you considered joining a militia? :slight_smile: It’s Idaho and all, isn’t that how you make friends up there?

Congrats to both of you, you have every right to be proud as hell of him.

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That’s fantastic.

Congratulations to both of you.

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Congratulations, man. That’s a real accomplishment.

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Congrats to you and your son, Jim! That’s a wonderful accomplishment.

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Congrats to you both!!

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Congratulations to him and to you, Jim. You have lots of friends here.


Jim, that’s some of the best fucking news to be heard in awhile.
Many congratulations to you all!


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Congratulations Jim! The world can always use good lawyers.

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Well done, Jim & Devon.
Is Devon an Astros fan?

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Outstanding Jim! Definately worth a brag!

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Congratulations! Fabulous news, Jim!

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If there was ever low hanging fruit…


Unfortunately he’s a Dodgers fan who has also started liking the Mariners since going to school here.

Ah, he’s young.
When/if he grows up he’ll likely root for the 'Stros and vote conservative (not necessarily rep)…

Well we can hope for 1 out of 2 lol

FYI He plans on going into Civil Rights law. I think you can pretty much forget about conservative.

Also FYI out of 175 graduates, he was one of 9 who received the Civil & Human Rights Certificate.

Have I mentioned how proud of him I am?

Oh, and he and his wife bought a house in March.