Protests In China

Sooo…my Chinese friend in Beijing says this is a huge deal. Keep an eye on China.

Has Xi lost the Mandate of Heaven? Maybe.

Authoritarians have absolute power…until they don’t.

With so much information at our fingertips, the common man has the ability to see how things are. Smart phones and social media are not without their negative issues but they have also been harbingers for exposing opression and corruption. China can no longer easily hide their citizen unrest.

One of the tipping points was people watching packed stadiums at the World Cup and realizing the Zero COVID policy was bullshit. Also there was an apartment fire that killed up to 30 people due to COVID restrictions preventing rescue operations and a fast response.

I don’t understand why China didn’t just buy 3 billion doses from Pfizer or whoever, line everybody up and then move on to the next thing.

Maybe because they know the vax doesn’t help?

Doesn’t help what?

Xi wouldn’t allow any Western vaccine into China. Both Chinese vaccines were very bad even against COVID Classic, but nationalism and the ability to isolate let them get away with it, for awhile.

I know all this. I’m telling you I don’t understand it.

A dictator who thinks he can act with impunity and until now basically has? I don’t know what that kind of power does to the mind.

They obviously know that they can do whatever they want. My confusion lies in if they want to keep the country’s industry running and do all the thing they’ve been doing for the last 30 years they need to sidestep the pandemic like most of the rest of the world has done. It seems like a grave miscalculation for them to stick with the combination of their jink ass vaccine combined with extreme strong arm tactics and continuing, hugely disruptive lockdowns when they could have bought a boatload of actual vaccines that despite what certain fuckwits think plainly and demonstrably allow a society en masse to get back to what it was doing.


I’m not sure either. I think they saw an opportunity to strengthen their grip and thought it would go uncontested. Could be as simple as a miscalculation like invading Ukraine with a garbage army.

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Well, that would be very stupid becasue the vaccine does work very well.

The one China uses hasn’t -

True. But that isn’t the vaccine VBob was refering to. He specifically denounced the Pfizer vaccine which is very stupid.