Predictions, 2023

Have been thinking for some time now, Why don’t we have a Predictions thread on OWA? Because we’re all worthless cowards?

Every spring my dad and some other people and I exchange general predictions about the baseball year to come. Here were mine back in March.

AL EAST: Orioles
AL CENTRAL: Guardians
AL WEST: Astros
WC: Yanks
WC: Mariners
WC: Rays

ALCS: Mariners over Astros

ROY: Yoshida
Cy Young: Kirby
MVP: Ohtani

NL EAST: Braves
NL CENTRAL: Cardinals
NL WEST: Padres
WC: Mets
WC: Phillies
WC: Dodgers

NLCS: Padres over Mets

ROY: Corbin Carroll
Cy Young: Gallen
MVP: Acuna Jr.

And, as I’m feeling bold, here is what will happen in American politics:

Willis and Smith will both earn criminal convictions of D. Trump.

Trump will still be the GOP nominee.

Biden will win re-election.

There, I said it.

WC round:
Rangers over Rays
Astros over Twins
DBacks over Brewers
Phillies over Reds

Mariners over Astros
Rangers over Orioles
Braves over Phillies
Dodgers over DBacks

Mariners over Rangers
Braves over Dodgers

Braves over Mariners

Georgia over Michigan for national championship

Barbie nominated for Best Picture

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AL East: Orioles
AL Central: Twins
AL West: Astros
AL WC #1: Rays
AL WC #2: Rangers
AL WC #3: Mariners

Wild Card Round: Rangers over Rays, Mariners over Twins
ALDS: Rangers over Orioles, Astros over Mariners
ALCS: Astros over Rangers

NL East: Braves
NL Central: Brewers
NL West: Dodgers
NL WC #1: Phillies
NL WC #2: Cubs
NL WC #3: DBacks

Wild Card Round: Phillies over Cubs, Brewers over DBacks
NLDS: Braves over Phillies, Dodgers over Brewers
NLCS: Braves over Dodgers

World Series: Braves over the Astros

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My predictions coming into the year as best I remember them

LCE Rays
ALC Twins
ALW Astros
WC1 Yankees
WC2 Mariners
WC3 Blue Jays

NLE Braves
NLC Cardinals
ALW Padres
WC1 Dodgers
WC2 Mets
WC3 Brewers

ALCS Rays over Astros
NLCS Braves over Dodgers

WS Braves over Rays

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Predictions as they stand now

ALE Orioles
ALC Twins
ALE Astros
WC1 Rays
WC2 Mariners
WC3 Blue Jays

ALDS Orioles over Mariners, Astros over Twins
ALCS Astros over Orioles

NLE Braves
NLC Brewers
NLW Dodgers
WC1 Phillies
WC2 Diamondbacks
WC3 Giants

NLDS Braves over Diamondbacks, Dodgers over Brewers
ALCS Braves over Dodgers

WS Braves over Astros

Bad as the Astros have been at times this year, I just can’t pick an AL team over them in the postseason. The only 2 years of the last 6 that the Astros didn’t win it was the bizarre 2020 and a very wounded Astros vs Red Sox and that series turned on a couple of once in a lifetime bounces. Every AL team has flaws that will be magnified in October. The Braves are the only complete team this year, in my opinion.

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If they manage to stumble their way into a postseason spot, they absolutely have a puncher’s chance against any AL team. But I think just don’t see their luck holding.


Coming into the season I was giddy that they got Abreu, kept the bullpen together, and had so much starting pitching depth.

ALE: Blue Jays
ALC: Twins
ALW: Astros
WC: Yankees
WC: Orioles
WC: Rays.

NLE: Braves
NLC: Cards
NLW: Dodgers
WC: Phillies
WC: Padres
WC: Brewers.

Astros over Braves in The Series.