Phillies at Astros 4/28/23

I’m so thankful for Doyce’s advice regarding the radio broadcast. That’s a vast improvement.


Looks like Altuve’s cast is off.


Middle of three…1-1

Who the hell is Rylan Bannon? When did this happen?

Waiver claim from Cubs. NRI in spring training. 2B & 3B at Sugar Land.

ETA: He was on the roster, not an NRI.

He needs to swing the fucking bat

See Bench’s informative post at the top.

That was unpardonable.

Bannon had a pretty good looking at bat until that last pitch.

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Yeah, the ball he pulled foul looked like a legit swing.

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11 days ago, when Chas went on the IL

Read more, post less?


That’s always good advice

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Just fucking with you, somebody had to do it

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That’s usually chuck’s job. But yeah, I don’t know why his AB caught me off guard.


I was about to respond to this until I read more and saw that Hudson had done my work for me.


TE-5 on Bregman

1B ump isn’t looking for strikes

Bregman’s 2nd E of the season, other one was April 9th

We’ve played four…tied 1-1

Pretty tight zone.

Seems consistent though.