Phillies @ Astros, October 3, 2022

One pitch in…1-0 Phillies

I did not realize Schwarver was up to 45.

Nice dp to end the 3rd.

A couple of liners failing to find grass and there are 2 outs in a heartbeat.

End of four…Astros getting humiliated at the plate. Still don’t have a baserunner.

1-0 Phillies

Sorry I looked. Now nothing through 5.

Astros continuing taking third strike fastballs right down the middle

End of six…perfect game still intact.

This is the most pitiful offensive game I think I’ve ever seen. The Astros want to be anywhere other than at the ballpark tonight.

They’re just completely listless at the plate.

They’re begging to not have to run the bases.

And now the starters are out.

Hey, that’s one way to avoid pulling a hammy.

These guys are really going to let Nola steal Mike Scott’s thunder

Nola’s MO this year has been to be totally cruising and then go one inning too many, have his defense fail him a little bit, give up a home run, and take the loss.

I’d feel better if Girardi were still calling plays over there.

Defense only comes into play when hitters make contact. No need to worry about the Astros tonight.

A hit!!!

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It’s a Christmas miracle.

Attaboy. Yordan!