PGA: Byron Nelson tournament

I am taking great delight watching these guys deal with the fact that there are no galleries or grandstands to bang errant shots off of. You hit it crooked off the tee? Haha, it’s gonna roll down into the same lousy places that my shots go. Stupid game isn’t so easy from down there, is it?


Galleries help a bad shot. All these PGA guys think they’re so great hitting shots with their perfect swings. Let them try to play with MY swing and we’ll see how good they really are.

Also, they never lose a ball that is in play simply because they can’t find it.

Today I watched Bryson DeChambeau hit an 8-iron 237 yards. Yeah, it was a flyer out of the rough, but still…

Pssht. I’ve hit a lob wedge that far. Never more than 3 feet off the ground.

Seriously though, I’ve been binging on the TXG guys on YouTube; the techniques and technical ability of the average tour pro is just mind boggling.

For example: