Pena stats

I posted that i thought it was possible for him to make .270 or .280 avg, and 20+ hr’s and 20+ SB.s. Granted that was because of limited action in AAA. In a season pitchers have tendancy to adjust to a batter. We shall see, only a quarter of the way there. I also liked mitch meluskey an OF, hit .330 i think 30 HRs in AAA, but never panned out.

Wasn’t Melusky a catcher who was gifted with a bat but had a screw loose?


Also, a “catcher” in that he played behind the plate and stopped balls on par with Gary Sanchez

awhile ago. I think it had to be someone else. but liked him also. Getting older

Ah, I’m sure you’re still sharp as a tack.

Btw I happen to have some Eric Anthony stock I can get you a sweet deal on…


really. forgot about that one. Just believe in the dream and the team.Always stubborn. win or loser.

My dad wrote a book about baseball. never published. Asked himonce, was mayor, a lot to deal with. Who are the only two plwyera with 50 doubles and 50 stolen bases in a season. Tris speaker he got right. craig biddion only other one.

Those two were truly one in a biddion.


Plwyera? I don’t speak Welsh.

I don’t think anyone really does.

I’m friends with this guy

and I assure you he most definitely speaks Welsh. He speaks to his son (Kai) in Welsh. He and his wife are about to have another, but sadly I doubt the number of future Welsh speakers will keep pace with the number of former Welsh speakers.


whoops biggio.

I think Fredia does.

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I loved E. Anthony! I still have a Columbus Mudcats cap I bought when he played for the ex-Astros AA team.


Speaking of Fredia, I would love to know where and how she is.

I have Google searched for her to no avail. She is not posting on FB, but her daughter is and has not mentioned bad things happening to her mom. Fredia’s last post here was from a rehab facility.