Paging Zipp and Nash

Hi, this is Bob Hulsey of Astros Daily.

Back before the 2003 season, there was a poll taken to come up with a 25-man Astros All-Time team.

I’m trying to locate the 2003 “experts” to see if they’d like to do an updated one during the forced lay-off. Michael Nash and Andy Zipp ( Andy Tomczeszyn) were among those polled. A lot changes in 17 years and I have no clue if they still hang out here but if anyone knows how to reach them, ask them to contact me at: for additional instructions.

If either can’t be reached or they decline, I will gladly add another TZ member (someone who’s been around a long while) in their place so your folks can have a voice.

I sincerely hope everyone is doing well. Once the jury is seated, I’ll return to my usual silence here.

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I wouldn’t think the team would have changed too much since 2003. And those changes would be pretty obvious to those paying attention.

I haven’t heard from Nash in years…probably not long after your poll. Zipp hasn’t been here since the changeover but he is on Twitter. You might have better luck there.

Nash hasn’t been around for over 10 years. I’ll pass your request on to Zipp, as he doesn’t check in here often.

Thank you, HH. Much appreciated.

Andy is on Facebook quite a bit.