Padres @ Astros, September 8, 2023

Another AppleTV night.

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PSA you can change the audio to the Astros radio audio

Completely forgot…thanks!

They just reminded my why I hate the Padres. Fuck Kevin Brown.

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I did not need to see those highlights

Not sure how I did it, but there are no broadcasters, only stadium sound. I like it

Same here

Somehow I’m only getting stadium effects mics with my HOU radio feed.

I kind of like it.

Me too. It’s more like being at the game.

What the fuck? That was all kinds of strike three

Catch the fucking ball Maldy

Shit, I’d pay extra for that option.

The colors are all fucked up on AppleTv

Brown with a 1-2-3 first

Yes they are.
Also, sit the fuck down Soto.

Yes, jerseys are red.

Did you know that he’s only 20?

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Peña with a 2B.