Padres @ Astros, May 30, 2021

Hope spring eternal.

Greinke off to a good start with a quick 1-2-3 1st

Altuve leads off with a single

McCormick follows with a single, Astros on the corners

McCormick to 2B on a wild pitch, but not far enough away for Altuve to advance

Bregman grounds out 4-3, Altuve scores, McCormick to 3B

Correa works a walk…which I guess is ok, but he took some very hittable pitches and would have liked to have seen him drive that run in with the infield in


3-run dinger!

Jones swings at three curveballs that bounce to end the inning.

But the Astros put up a four spot…4-0

Jones is just not ready for this level.

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Greinke good in the 2nd…4-0 Astros

Machete absolutely screwed on that 3-2 pitch

Maldonado…3-0…takes strike one down the middle…takes strike two down the middle…takes strike three on the edge. Guess it’s a new bat and he didn’t want to nick it

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Machete should’ve swung at 3-1.

Yep. I get taking 3-0, but then he threw a cookie 3-1.

2-out single is the Padres first hit

Another good inning as Greinke strikes out Pham. Pham bitching and moaning about the strike two call, breaks his bat.

4-0 Astros

He’s a manly man.

Dammit! Bregman did the same fucking thing…took a 3-1 hanging fastball right down the fucking middle so he can protect against the slider. Maddening

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Back to back walks to Bregman and Correa…two on, one out for Tucker