Padres @ Astros, May 28, 2021

Astros have 3 LOB through the first two innings. Top of the third, no score

Drinkin’ gin tonight.

1-0 Padres

Eatin’ on a bowl of spicey homemade guac.

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Drinking the Tuscan red.

I have a TV set up in my garage and Tiki torches lit up to keep the bugs away. Fixin’ to go out there so I can smoke.

Gonna switch to a domestic red.

Gonna go outside and fire up a stogie, as well.

Framber dosen’t look as sharp as he was last Fall. I guess he is still shaking off some rust.

Lots of soft grounders for Framber. His curve has looked good so far. Mechanics and control have gotten off at times, to be expected.

Altuve and Diaz made 2 outs on 2 pitches in the 1st against a guy with great stuff but on a low pitch count and a team with a tired bullpen.

Chas and Straw tried to start a 2-out rally last inning but Maldy K’d.

All 4 hard hit balls off Framber have been on straight arrow FBs. He’s had the nice tailing action on others.

I am drinking Old Forester 86

After his last AAA start he said he felt good, the curve wasn’t where he wanted it, but he’d be ready to go after another rehab start or 2. Next day Stros announced he was coming up for tonight.

Sitting out on my patio, mangos falling from the tree like rain, drinking some IPA that comes in a tall bottle, watching my first game in a while over the internet for free, not smoking anything, not even ribs, got the pots on, gas on high.

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I always thought it was pretty convenient you guys were in the same time zone. Not like Aussie Astro.

Tucker doubles, pretty rough slide into second.

AussieAstro was 12 or 13 hours ahead. So it’s Saturday morning for him. When I was traveling a lot to SE Asia, it was nice to wake up Sat or Sun morning and catch the game over morning coffee. But weekday games sucked.

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Half the year. The other half in EST. They obviously don’t do daylight savings here. If you want to confuse someone, tell someone from this region about spring forward. Hell, they don’t even know what spring is.

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Missed the HR by a foot.

Would be a wonderful time for a 2-out knock by Yuli

Astros leave another pair on…that’s five through the first three innings.

1-0 Padres

Folks in Sumatra are amused by DST as well. They have two seasons: the rainy season and the monsoon season.

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One of my very best friends lives in Australia. Not only that, but he lives in Adelaide, and those kooks aren’t satisfied to be 47 hours ahead of normal people, no sir. They thought it over and assembled a blue ribbon committee and so on and finally hit upon a solution: they’re on the half hour. So they’re 46.5 hours ahead of normal people.