OWA Fantasy Football League

Who all is interested in playing this year?

If I’m able to totally neglect my team for the first 3 weeks of the season, I’m in!

I’ll play

I contribute to the winning shares

I’d love to play if there’s room.

I’ll play.

Anyone else interested?

I’m in.

Fuck it I’ll join back up

I’ll join if you’re desperate for members.

I’m in.

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I’m glad to play again,

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I’m in

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I’m waiting to hear from @Idstrosfan if he wants to play, but which evening would you prefer to draft (time would be 7:30 PM Central)

Tuesday, August 30
Wednesday, August 31
Thursday, September 1
Tuesday, September 6

I’ll be out of the country that whole time. But I’m fine with it autodrafting for me,

Wednesday August 31st. The Astros have a day game.

Same. Will be in Ireland until 9/20 but will set up auto draft.

My life seems mundane relative to all you globetrottters – any of the proposed dates should work.

Based on everyone’s responses, we will draft at 7:30 p.m. central time next Thursday, Sept. 1.


Did I miss the league invite? I can’t seem to find the info in mail or here.