OWA Bracket Challenge 2022

Some of you may have gotten a notification but here is the link if you want to establish bragging rights.


Get your brackets filled out before tomorrow.

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Wasn’t much interest this year, but y’all are going to be embarrassed in the unlikely case that I remain in first place. I am claiming my temporary bragging rights while they last.

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I thought i did it but i don’t think i sis the right thing. I have two brackets. One got screwed Thursday.

I am now down to a final 3 – I knew my ride at the top would not last.

As upset as I am about my bracket, Auburn’s loss means my son isn’t able to go to the sweet 16 trip. He had not been on the Auburn cheer squad for the first two rounds and was really hoping for a Chicago trip. He does have a fall back plan as his new girlfriend’s formal is that weekend so I think he will be just fine.