Out of the Park Baseball

Long time Lurker McDierker here. I was wondering if anyone has played OOTP. Version 24 was just released, but I can’t find much information about it.

Not me, but I know several here have.

What do you want to know?

Thanks for responding. Just some general info because the last baseball game I played was Strat-O-Matic about forty years ago. I assume you draft players and can trade them. Do you join an existing league and play other humans or do you play the computer?

I’m sure somebody here will help you in due time.

The game is super sandbox. It’s in the realm of spreadsheet sports simulation. You can play with MLB rosters from today and go back in time as far as, I believe 1871.

You can create a fictional league and set your own rules, teams, fictional players.

You can play against the AI and just take over a single team, you can run multiple teams, the whole league or no team and just run sims.

You can be a GM or manager, or both. If you choose to be just GM then you can hand over full gameday decisions to your manager, lineup, starting pitcher, who the closer is, who plays and how much, or you can “force” manager to play certain guys in certain roles. If you are just the manager, Ive never done this so I’m not entirely sure, then the AI will control all roster moves.

You can join online leagues, I haven’t ever done this so I don’t know how exactly it works.

I will say the game can feel daunting when you first load it up but after navigating the screens a bit, its not too hard to figure out.

It’s a fun time sink if nothing else, if you aren’t sure you want to spend 40 bucks on it and especially if you want to play some time in the past, pick up an older version for much cheaper to try it out.

Thanks for the response. The game seems very interesting. That’s a good idea to try an older version first. I’ll let you know how I do.

I am tempted to buy it, but I do not play my computer APBA near enough.

What the hell’s APBA?

I lived and died by APBA. First the basic then the Master game. Finally divested, but still played the computer version for a while. I never upgraded though and it will not run on any computer that can be purchased anymore. What version of APBA do you have?

Also — avoid dh-ing anyone with a 41.

Dunno. Ernie Harwell broadcasts the games. It is whatever the latest version is.

Google is your friend.

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American Power Boat Association?

What system do you use? Windows or Mac? Or is it browser based?

I guess I could Google it.

I am an enormous fan of both—and a current player of neither—APBA and OOTP.


Get off of my lawn.

I was amused that the American Power Boat Assoc. was the first thing that popped up via google search, after I was told to google it, and the baseball one was the 2nd.

I’d never heard of either before, sorry.

I hope it’s a native grass lawn, at least.

Saint Augustine. Plush.