Ottoneu fantasy (looking for a player)

There’s an opening in the Ottoneau fantasy league I’ve been in for two years. (Which is also how long the league has existed.) Ottoneau is run thru Fangraphs. They’re quite different from traditional fantasy leagues. Each offensive outcome (single, double, triple, homer, HBP, walk) has a different positive numerical value. Each at bat subtracts from a player’s score by one. Neither runs nor RBI are counted.

Pitching-wise you make points thru outs and Ks. Walks and hits and homers subtract from the point total. Holds and saves are also valued, but neither wins nor losses are.

It’s a full dynasty league with year-round activity, including very simplified arbitration. There are 40 spots on the roster and each player has “$400” to play with. Guys can’t be cut without a financial penalty except for a period following the conclusion of the regular season. An annual auction is held.

Whoever wants it will be inheriting a team full of guys they’ll have the option to cut or try and trade immediately. The auction will be held some time around Spring Training.

It costs approximately $50 a year to play–there’s a fee to Fangraphs for hosting and then a league-fee that gets distributed to the top three finishers.

The regular season stops about a month short of the MLB regular season to accommodate the postseason, which sees the top six regular season finishers vying in seeded head-to-head weeklong duels for the trophy.

Here are the official rules: Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - rules

PM me if interested!

Man 10 years ago I would have eaten this up

I am still interested but not enough to commit so if someone else takes it I’m good.

I need to decide if I have enough time and will pay attention to enough MLB besides the Astros to stay active and competitive.

Can I just have all the Astros? Jk