Oriolioles @ Astros, 26 Agosto 2022

I made old fashioneds before dinner. Kris tasted hers and said I wonder if there’s any way you can add some smoke flavor. I told her I didn’t think so.


Add some “Liquid Smoke” and tell her its some special bitters.

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I thought I taught you how to fish?

I’m on my third bottle of wine (second bottle of Turley). In the first inning. This may get interesting.

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I love Gorgonzola

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That escalated quickly

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Wrangler wants a pepperoni

I’d give him a slice. It’s probably bad for dogs though.

Especially considering he’s supposed to be a vegetarian


I bet he likes Gorgonzola. I like it with honey, or even better, fig preserves.

I’m eating the Gorgonzola plain. My favorite is on grilled pears. But I love figs too.

Shiftfuck single, walk…two Os on, nobody out…

4 full counts already.

Tight zone isn’t helping

Odor is like the bad penny

Speaking of dogs, I got me a puppy this week. An Aussie Shepherd and she’s a 12 week old spitfire.


LMJ not exactly pounding the strike zone


Odor turning into a father figure is a transformation I wouldn’t have expected. Good for him.

Give the ump a Smoked old fashioned and some Gorgonzola.