Orioles at Astros, 9/20/23

2B Altuve
SS Peña
RF Tucker
3B Bregman
1B Abreu
DH Diaz
LF McCormick
CF Meyers
C Maldonado

P Javier

No Alvarez. No Brantley. Javier pitching.
Life is pain. Eat at Arby’s.


Didn’t really have Alvarez last night either.

Via Rome, Dusty on Yordan

Dusty Baker: “I just decided to give him today off and then he’ll be good through the season, much like I did with Tucker. Sometimes you have to maybe sacrifice one game for the next nine. From my experience, I’ve seen it be very beneficial not only physically but mentally, too.”

Sure, we’re in a spot to sacrifice games.

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We’ve sure been sacrificing a bunch of them lately.


He continues to manage as if we are up 10 games and cruising. I fucking hate how he “manages” this team.


With Bradish going today the Astros didn’t have a chance to score anyway.

I have hope but not faith.

This team can score 10 vs anybody and tend to show up vs better teams/pitchers but of course they are perfectly capable of getting shutout also.

They’re going to need at least 10 runs today. Likely more.

I want to strangle Dusty. There are 10 games left and you are playing the best team in the American League. You need every game to make the playoffs.

There’s also an off day tomorrow.

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Fire him before the fucking game starts.

This is literally the fucking stupidest thing I’ve ever read, and I’ve read almost every dumbfuck thing he’s said this season.

What a fucking joke.


I’m convinced he has vacation plans in October. Nobody is this fucking stupid


No runs, 16 ks, 4 singles given up in 16 and two thirds innings last year against the Champs.

“What is the average MLB pitcher, Alex?”

Where’s Dubon?

Obligatory first-inning run surrendered by Javier.

Same shit different day.

Its so nice of Astros pitchers to feel sorry for opponents hitters on 0-2 and give them cookies.

Too bad there wasn’t a shortstop playing shortstop.

Only one run. Nice.