Orioles at Astros, 9/18/23

Let’s start actually taking care of business. They could start with JV actually pitching like an ace.

2b Altuve
3b Bregman
DH Alvarez
1b Abreu
RF Tucker
LF McCormick
SS Pena
CF Dubon
C Maldonado

P Verlander

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Anybody else having trouble loading Gameday?

Seems to load fine for me.

How about we start to be the team to put a run on the board first for a change.

The load is fine.

It’s just you.

What rookies. Where is their eye protection???

Hopefully the champagne went to their heads for the next three games.

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Look at those defenders. Last years gold glovers both with negative ratings.

2-out double by O’Hearn. 2-0 fastball right down the middle.

And a 4-pitch, 2-out walk puts two on

Punch out ends the inning.

No score.

Well, looks like Blue was perfect calling balls and strikes that inning so maybe we won’t have that to contend with. Not bad with the borderline pitches.

Abreau. Cleanup. Grrrrr.

Altuve doubles off the top of the LF wall on the first pitch. Missed a home run by about a foot

Kick that fan out.

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Idiot fan reached over and touched it, but it shouldn’t matter. Idiot fan escorted out like Lauren Boebert.


Hopefully they’ll spend half an inning interviewing that idiot.

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Not sure what the O’s manager s arguing. Does he want a home run?

He was wearing a Cubs tshirt. Ban him!!!