Orioles @ Astros, September 19, 2023

Is not shitting yourselves too much to ask?

Brantley still behind Dubon on the depth chart.

That depends on who you are asking.

Hoping Brown figured something out in his last start.

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Baker is crazy. I am with Mark-I want him gone.


I just do not get Dusty’s fascination with Dubon in CF

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Apparently Brantley is hurt.

Hadn’t heard that, but color me unsurprised

1-out shiftfuck double

Well, that didn’t take long

2-0 Os

The shit storm continues.

Don’t fall behind, Hunter.

Fucking fuck

Like clockwork.

It’s almost as if moving fielders out of the way and falling behind hitters aren’t always the best strategies.

28 mph doubles are what fans want.

I’ll be shocked if Brown gives up fewer than 8 runs tonight.

That may have been a broken bat, but that was not a good breaking ball.

Watching Baltimore last night and tonight, they seem to benefit from a lot of favorable bounces. Not to say they aren’t good, but Tampa Bay is a better team.

Of course, three-run homers aren’t a matter of mere luck.

Mullins singles and swipes 2B

Strikeout ends the inning. But Astros in an 0-2 hole