Orioles @ Astros, June 30, 2021

Don’t make me punch a hole in the wall.


Walk to the leadoff hitter. Bang up start.

Who immediately steals 2B

Gonna be a long fucking night with Bucknor back there. He’s missed about 5 of the first 10 pitches.

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Bucknor squeezing the bejeezus out of Garcia

Another walk

All 7 pitches to Mancini touched part of the zone

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Fuck, don’t know why the Astros don’t just throw a position player out there and say fuck it. If you’re not gonna call strikes, bat all fucking night.

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Strom has been ejected

Strom tossed

Good for you, Strom.

And fuck CB Bucknor

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Tell him Strom!

This is BS

Fuck. This is absurd.

Fucking hell man

Dusty needs to lose his fucking shit right now.

Come on! This is ridiculous

We need an enraged fan to get loose on the field and send this jackhole to the hospital


Was that Greinke giving Bucknor a standing O from the top dugout step?

Had Mullins picked off, Altuve just missed the tag