Orioles @ Astros, June 29, 2021

Try not to suck today, fellas.

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That didn’t take long. Mullins drills the second pitch of the game out of RF

Middle of 1st…1-0 Orioles

Brantley with a 1-out single

1-0 Os

Trainer out to look at Urquidy.

Urquidy is out with an injury.

Scrubb in. Will take a while to warm up.

Astros bullpen vs Orioles bullpen for 8 innings. This gonna be a long game.

Last night was the longest home game in Astros history. It might be a shortly lived record.

I didn’t realize that. No wonder I was well into my cups by the 9th.

Bullpen is already gassed from McCullers, Odorizzi, and Greinke.

I wouldn’t be shocked to see Garcia, his last start was the 24th so he’d be on normal 5-man rotation rest

Nice play by Correa in the hole to end the inning.

He’s scheduled to start tomorrow. So I hope not.

Correa draws a leadoff walk

I’m aware, just saying it’s an option.

If you gotta skip someone’s start in the next few days, it’d better be Odorizzi, not Garcia.

Correa to 2B on a wild pitch, Tucker flies out F8

Balk moves Carlos to 3B