Orioles @ Astros, 8/27/22

Let’s see what the 6’6" shortstop can do in his MLB debut…


Bagwell in the TV booth.

Always a treat.

He could be this year’s version of Jack Mayfield; much experience, fundamentally sound. He can help us while Diaz recuperates


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Bagwell says that when he was 11 or 12, he had a shirt that just said “Hate the Yankees” that he wore regularly.

The greatest of the great.


“What would you have done if you were drafted by the Yankees?”

[laughs] “You’d have to ask my dad.”

Wow, Tavares had a 30 game hit streak. I would never have guessed that.

Tevares? Tevaras? HTH do you spell it?

Taveras. Looked it up.

Taveras. During that streak he had a streak of singles in 28 straight games, tying the NL record held by Willie Davis in '69 (wiki).

I wonder how many of the hits during that streak were of the bunt and IF variety?

Usually Urquidy has found his footing by now. We do not need another five-inning start.


Break up the Orioles

His curve is getting hammered

His location has been hot garbage so far tonight.

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How about not a 5 run start?

I loved Willy T

Also a good idea.

Some good Baltimore pitching.

But good grief this offense has gone into hibernation.

Interesting route, Mauricio.

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It seems like the “make the opposing pitcher throw strikes” gameplan just sort of comes and goes lately.

Is this Bogusevic on the radio? Whoever it is, he’s pretty good.