Orangewhoopass Fantasy Football

Who wants to play this season? Once that is decided, we can discuss tweaks to our rosters and settings in preparation for COVID affecting games/weeks.

I am in again.

Hope yall get to play. Looks like college ball is off until maybe Spring.

I’m not optimistic unless the NFL opts for a bubble setup, but they are determined to play come hell or high water, it appears.

I’m in if it happens.

I’d like to give it a go again.

If you need another, I can hold down last place.

I’m in

Does the rest of the league want to play or not?

Actually, I I backing out. Take me off the list.

That’s fine, Joey, and will do.

Eh, fuck it. I’m in.

Man, I’m on the fence. I was going to bail, but the chance to aggravate MarkR may be too much to pass up.

For the low, low cost of 5 dollars a month I’ll happily send you an email every Monday cursing you for being alive (or whatever you want me to rant about).

With COVID-19 destroying 2020, I understand why many people don’t want to play. I’m not optimistic the NFL has a full season unless they adopt a bubble setup like the NBA/NHL, either. Right now, only five owners have said they want to play (Mark, Navin, Duman, Sphinx, Hostros), so we have six owners right now.

I’m ok with calling this season a wash and focusing on 2021 if there isn’t enough interest because of the ongoing pandemic.

Yeah, man, I’m sorry to be such a bitch about this but I don’t know if I can do it this year. One, I doubt there’s going to be a real season so the energy everyone puts in will be wasted. Two, I’m certain I’m not going to pay any closer attention to the NFL season than I’m paying to the MLB season, so I’d end up being a worse owner than I usually am.

There’s no need to apologize. I understand how everyone feels and have absolutely no problem if we don’t play this year and focus on hopefully resuming the league like normal in 2021.

It seems pretty clear to me by the number of responses that many of our hearts aren’t really in it this season.

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Already starting to miss not having a team this year.