Options at 1B?

Apologies in advance if I’ve been Cabrera’d, but the Fox Sports One broadcast mentioned that Michael Brantley was playing games at 1B during his rehab assignment.

That also got me thinking: would they consider playing Dubon at 1B if Abreu keeps scuffling? I’ll hang up and listen.

NO. My opinion only.

Dubon at first does not solve run production at first.

I have been down on Abreu too but he evidently has a track record of starting out slow. I’m with Jim on this. Give it some time.

I expect the Astros would like another way to get him in the lineup. He can play left and DH already. Perhaps he can play first on an Abreu off day.

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Hell, if Myles Straw can play short a few times in a season Dubon probably can.

Between 2B, CF, LF they’ll find a way to keep him busy.

Abreu is the 1B. Period.


Also, there’s a crazy spot called the designated hitter that Dubon also can play if they want his bat in the lineup so badly and Yordan is playing LF.

The rest of the schlubs that are filling in at DH haven’t exactly been doing shit.


He is not very good defensively at DH.


Either my eyes deceive me or he (Abreu) has been making better contact the last 3 or 4 games. I hope he is starting to return to form or maybe it’s just wishful thinking.

I’m sure it was mentioned somewhere on here, but I read a couple days ago that the coaches identified a mechanical flaw in his swing and were working on it with him.

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I posted an article yesterday quoting Cintron saying a mechanical flaw with his hands is the culprit.

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Brantley to play some 1B on rehab

April 29, 2023

Astros manager Dusty Baker said Saturday that Brantley (shoulder) will play some first base on his minor-league rehab assignment, Brian McTaggart of MLB.com reports.

Baker added that Brantley will see action at first base here and there once he returns to the active roster, probably around the second week of May. The rehabbing veteran started in left field in his first three games with Triple-A Sugar Land before taking a turn at designated hitter Friday. He’s on his way back from surgery last August to repair the labrum in his right shoulder.

According to this, Dusty expects Brantley to play some 1B with the Astros.

Was Brantley’s surgery on his throwing shoulder? In my mind that would be the only reason to give him any serious playing time at first base. Limit the distance on his throws much like the Phillies are going to do with Harper potentially playing some at first base. Otherwise, why did we give Abreu the money, unless there is a physical problem with him we are unaware of?

I still say Abreu will be fine.

There’s some more detail in The Athletic. Basically, Cintron and Abreu disagree about what’s going on. Abreu doesn’t think there’s a mechanical issue, he just thinks he’s not seeing the ball well. Cintron says there’s a mechanical issue–during his swing, Abreu’s hands are dropping and his head is moving back. This affects his leverage and reduces his exit velocities (which are down from his career EV by about 5 mph).

FWIW, Cintron seems to think it’s a small fix that will drastically improve Abreu’s results.

I like Abreu and think he will be fine, even if he is no longer an MVP.

That said, playing Brantley at 1B some can only help the team and him.

Seems like he’s missed a lot of meaty fastballs lately.

My take? Brantley and Yordan are going to share LF and DH in some ratio. Abreu is going to play every day at 1B in order to figure out what ails him. If he’s still not hitting in mid-July, they may have to see what’s available in exchange for a CFer.

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I see.

1B- Abreu 95%, Brantley 5%
LF- Yordan 60%, McCormick 20%, Brantley 20%
DH- Brantley 50%, Yordan 40%, others 10%

Hopefully, Abreu takes Cintron up on trying his suggested fix. With Aledmys Diaz’s help, Cintron identified Yordan’s flaw in his swing that led to the game 6 home run against the Phillies.

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