OPENING DAY...July 24, 2020

Well, we’re here, for what it’s worth. If you want to join the Zoom call, send NeilT a message.


JV with a quick 5- pitch effort…Astros coming to bat


Springer…works the count full…strikes out swinging
Altuve…3-0…strike on the corner…strike two a few inches off the plate…strikes out looking
Bregman…3-1…pops to shallow RF

No score

Well I’m stuck with just the radio feed.

My DTV won’t be installed until Tuesday and despite what the rep said I can’t use the online stuff until then.

Then MLB network (on Dish) let me see the first out before the blackout message popped up.

Oh well. I do enjoy Sparks/Ford.


Lewis crushes a home run over the train tracks in LF. That ball was SMOKED
Vogelbach grounds out 4-3 on the first pitch
Someone pops out to shallow LF on the first pitch
Marmalejos strikes out swinging

1-0 Mariners

Does Vogelbach still look like a fire hydrant?


Brantley flies out F8
Gurriel pops to shallow RF
Correa…works the count full…flies out F8

1-0 Mariners

very much


Crawford…0-2…grounds out 3-1
Smith works it full…fouling off pitches…strikes out swinging
Long strikes out looking

1-0 M’s

I like doubles!

What if Neil doesn’t respond?

Get a knock, Jose.

Not so much


Reddick doubles off the RCF wall
Diaz grounds out 4-3, Reddick to 3B
Maldonado singles to LF, Reddick scores
Springer…3-0…3-1…walks, Maldonado to 2B
Altuve taps into a 1-4 fielder’s choice, Springer out at 2B, Maldonado to 3B
Bregman pops to shallow LF on the first pitch

1-1 after three

I’ll remind him

Two words: red dit


White flies out F9
Seager homers to RCF
Lewis strikes out swinging
Vogelbach taps back to the mound on the first pitch

2-1 Mariners


Brantley grounds to 2B, throw is off the bag, first basemen dives back to the bag and is 1 millimeter short…TE-4
Gurriel pops out F2 right at the plate
Correa lines softly to SS
Reddick…full up…grounds out 4-3 in the shift

2-1 Mariners


Nola…0-2…1-2…2-2…strikes out swinging
Marmalejos grounds out 5-3 into the shift
Smith grounds out 4-3

2-1 Mariners

Rattle the bats!