Opening Day 2024


If anybody hasn’t seen this video before, I highly recomend it. Always gets me pumped for baseball

In case anyone is lazier than I and hasn’t even looked at the schedule yet, the first set of games play ball around 2pm Central today.


Righteous Opening Day mojo.

Taste tests the sunflower seeds before handing them to the players.

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Rendon’s first two innings of baseball in 2024 have been… not great.

Struck out his first AB, slow played a doubleplay ball in to a single out at second, booted a 3 hopper slightly to his left, then had a not exactly crushed grounder get by him in to the corner (this one wasn’t that awful, but still…).

O’s lead 4-1 and are still batting, bottom 2.

His paycheck didn’t bounce, so I’d say he’s been damn successful.

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He’s just biding his time until he can get hurt

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Baseball’s never really been his highest priority.

Update: 5-1, O’s still batting.

Dear Space City Home Network: please get you audio synced with your video. Thank you.

And our first appearance of Ron Washington heading to the mound from the dugout, with 2 outs in the bottom of the 2nd with 2 on.

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Ah, it’s the first nails-on-chalkboard Coke Zero ad of the year.

Trout has to be standing out there in CF thinking “FML”.


The Angels have paid Rendon around $130MM for 111 RBIs. He’s pacing himself.


Just a reminder, TMobile subscribers can get the MLB package for free for the year. There is no catch as I’ve done it for the last two or three years. Promo ends tomorrow at some point. You need a free MLB account beforehand.