Opening Day 2021

I’d offered to set up a Zoom call for opening day, but there’s an issue: first game or home opener? For the sake of tradition, I’d go for the home opener but wanted to confirm.

Plus I don’t know if I can stay up for all of a West Coast game.

I agree home opener.

Home opener.

Why not both?

Home opener is my preference. A 10:07pm start time with the game ending well past 1am and work starting by 7am is no bueno.

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I can set both up, but the official home opener will be the game to be on.


Every offseason I manage to suppress the thought of late west coast games.

Which means each season I get to be kicked in the crotch anew when it’s brought up.

It’s the circle of baseball.

So…where did we shake out on this? Are we gonna try to get together for the late-night show tomorrow?

I think we decided to wait until the home opener.

But I just work here.

I had said I’d set up tomorrow as an after-thought to the home-opener, but it ends up I’m traveling. Let’s wait until the home opener.

Works for me!

Thanks for taking the lead on this. Drinking virtually with you goons is almost as much fun as in person.

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I’ve set up a Zoom meeting for Thursday evening, starting at 6:45 and lasting 4 hours. If you pm me, I’ll send along the meeting code.

I love an optimist

PM sent

Any longer than that you’re supposed to seek medical intervention.


I do believe tonight’s game was 4 hours and 1 minute.

I upped it to 5 hours.

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Somebody’s got to go back and get a shitload of dimes!


Just a reminder, if you’d like to join send along a request and I’ll send the zoom info.

Anyone know if they are raising the 2019 pennant or was that done last year and I don’t remember?