On The Brighter Side

What do you need for a protest? Stephania Ergemlidze decided a basketball goal would do. Looking for ways to bring people together in a much needed time. She’s Ballin’ for Justice


Oh, I thought this was going to be about the giant asteroid hurtling towards Earth.

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Limey, did you write apocalypse novels in a prior life?

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The damn thing will probably only give a glancing blow and leave some of us alive. Fucking 2020.

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Logline: And the dead were the lucky ones…

Just a story of some protestors who didn’t know each other deciding to form a human chain around a lone officer that was surrounded by a large group of protestors in front of a pizza shop. The officer has reached out to the protestors who protected him to thank them in person. The pizza shop owner said he would buy the pizza when they get together to meet.

It’s the small sometimes overlooked deeds that will make a difference in all of this. Those acts of kindness and love.

Protestors protect cop


Great story. Heroes.


Worth a bump & a look

No. No, it wasn’t.

It’s an acquired taste.
Most of these films have twists at the end: some are more obvious fantasy (revealed in the comments) while some are definitely not.

Thankful for the men that protected the officer.