O’s at Astros, August 28

JV strikes out 3 after allowing first and third in top 1

Astros down in order bottom 1

JV 1-2-3 including 2 Ks top 2, but now up to 44 pitches

2nd pitch (called strike) to Tucker was well out of the box on Gameday.

This has been chase sliders series.

Bot 2:

Tucker reaches on an 0-2 catchers interference
Mancini K swinging
Yuli with an easy 6u-3 DP

Not on TV. Maybe/likely a ball, but not “well out.”

My feed is breaking up

That was a gift.

Nice DP. Heads up by Dubon.

Not great baserunning there. I’ll take it

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JV pitching.

Chirinos singles to 3rd.
Mullins with another extended ab vs JV. Walks on 7th pitch.
Rutschman Ks looking on 3 pitches.
Santander flies out to Dubon, who gets Chirinos in 8-4-5 double play.

Mid 3. 0-0.

Shit bullpen active

Martinez warming up.

Don’t like that.

Way to go Hensley!

I’d like to see him get his first run scored too

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Dubon needs a productive AB here

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Nice AB.

I want to make a “Boys of Summer” reference, but I’m coming up empty.

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After seeing her son’s first big league hit all his mom wants to do is dance.


Maybe Hensley can show the other guys how he took that outside pitch the other way.

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Well played