Non Astros Opening Day

I’ve been watching Giants/Yankees for most of the game.

Holy. Fucking. Christ. Laz Diaz is a terrible, terrible home plate umpire.

Of course he is. Even the balk call that was obvious wasn’t his call to make.

Haven’t seen any uniform ads yet.

Ok, the MLB commercial with Tim Anderson saying he can’t cross second to pick up the hat is a cute idea to explain the rules.

But my thing is - if you’re finding the MLB Network to watch an opening day game, what are the chances you haven’t heard this rule change? Seems pretty clearly missing the audience.

At least somebody made it. It was egregious, and the 1B ump just stood there with his finger in his nose.

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The Orioles might go undefeated.

The Red Sox might just still suck.

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If they play the Red Sox everyday I could see it

Is anyone else watching MLB TV on an iPad? The feed always drops in between innings. This is not a reproducible issue on a phone or with a browser. It’s unbelievably irritating. Is this happening to anyone else or is my own special torment?

Phillies in a full-blown meltdown in the bottom of the 4th against the Rangers: 9 runs allowed.

After they torched deGrom?

Yes. Rough day for both deGrom and Nola.

5 runs, he didn’t make it out of the fourth.

Btw the Red Sox almost came back after these comments from us three geniuses

Only because the Baltimore shortstop elected to spike an easy doubleplay turn for no fucking reason at all. Sharp grounder right at him. Takes it to second and bounces the throw 10 fucking feet in front of first and wide.

I had switched to other games by that point so I didn’t see how it happened. Sounds not great

Cards and Jays knotted up at 5 after 4.

My hot take after five hours:

Advantage batters.

I give it 5 out of 5 Houston, We’ve Got A Problems.

Until this happens: